I am an independent financial analyst focusing on value-oriented
investment opportunities, turnarounds, and special situations in the
stock market.  My background is in international banking with over 20
years of financial analysis experience.

My research reports are based on detailed balance sheet, income
statement and cash flow analysis.  I gather information for these reports
through extensive due diligence of all available public information, such
as: SEC filings, company conference calls, investor presentations,
meetings with management, competitor and industry analysis, and other
research methods.

You may ask why you only see just a handful of names at a time.  
Simple, my approach to investing follows the theory that you only need
one or two good ideas a year.  And when I do find the right opportunity, I
ride it for all it's got until my theory is no longer applicable.  I rather invest
in just a handful of companies I know really well, than have a portfolio of
15 that I can barely keep up with.

I only write reports on those companies I currently follow and have a
position in.  Readers should assume I own equity or debt securities on
every company I cover, unless otherwise disclosed in the report.